Where I belong 

My Bear doesn’t have me kneel for him often. We aren’t a high-protocol couple; I don’t have poses or positions to assume, we don’t have specific rituals, he doesn’t inspect me or anything like that. He’ll have me kneel on the bed as he makes final preparations.

I kneel and wait with my head down, not peeking as he moves around the bed, securing cuffs to the frame, finding an empty socket for the wand, and making sure the plug and lube is ready to go. I love these moments. The calm before the storm. I listen to the sounds, not trying to work out what is coming but enjoying the anticipation. Knowing that whatever follows will be what he chooses for us and it’s always perfect.

I take the time to focus on him, and put myself in the submissive frame of mind. Sometimes he is all prepared and we get straight into it, which is exhilarating but can leave me running to catch up mentally. I like taking the moment to adjust, to acknowledge that this time is significant to us, and that I need to give it the attention it deserves. The kneeling position helps me to do that.

The first time he put a collar on me, I was kneeling on the bed. It was only a play collar, but the feeling of accepting his ownership of me was still there. He strapped the leather around my neck, and I felt overwhelmed; I didn’t know how to express it in any other way, so I twisted around a little and hugged him. The feeling I had, with him standing above me as I knelt with my arms around him, was everything I needed. He was big and strong and I was trusting him to take care of me, to take control of me.

I feel it every time I kneel for him, every time I sit at his feet and he absent-mindedly strokes my hair. It’s not so much a kink as a manifestation of our dynamic, and that’s why I love it.



  1. Molly · Jul 17, 2016

    I am completely with you on this “It’s not so much a kink as a manifestation of our dynamic, and that’s why I love it.” I think you summed it up perfectly. Lovely to see you on Kink of the Week



  2. sub-Bee · Jul 18, 2016

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with that one. It’s not a kink for us either, it’s just what we do because it’s us.


  3. bustythewench · Jul 19, 2016

    Beautiful post.
    Sums up everything I believe too x


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