Sexy Plunge

My first real foray into erotica, so I’m incredibly nervous about publishing it. But this is the first of many new things I am pushing myself to do this year, so I will be brave. The title is the prompt from the lovely @sexblogofsorts for her freshly #polished challenge

The dress Jay had left on the bed for me was one of his favourites. It was short, but not tight; he liked to be able to flip up the skirt when he wanted access. It was sleeveless and the neckline was so low I would have to leave off my bra. As I lifted it off the bed, I realised he hadn’t provided one anyway. Nor any other underwear, for that matter. He appeared behind me in the mirror as I looked myself over, jacketed shoulders looming over mine as his fingers disappeared under my skirt. Our eyes met in the mirror as he rubbed my pussy, humming in satisfaction when his rough fingertips met my clit, making me wriggle against his hand.
“Time for that later, naughty girl. We mustn’t be late.”

Jay ushered me out of our room and we took the lift down to the reception area. He had arranged for an old friend of his to meet us in the hotel bar. G was a part of his misspent youth, before my time, and I had heard a lot about him. By all accounts he was up for anything, and Jay’s fast talking had saved G from getting his arse kicked on many occasions. I was looking forward to meeting him, but apprehensive of the larger-than-life reputation that preceded him. 

Jay spotted him the moment we entered the bar, he knew I would be nervous so his grip on my hand tightened reassuringly as he made his way to the booth and then releasing as he was pulled into a slightly awkward man-hug. After a few moments of big grins, uncomfortable pauses and then both talking at once, they finally remembered I was there. Jay made some sheepish introductions and we slid into the seats.

G was dark haired, with sparkly, mischievous eyes behind black-framed glasses. He smiled easily and made an effort to include me in the conversation. I liked him very much.

He was very different to Jay. One of the things I loved most about Jay was that he was laid back most of the time, taking everything in his stride. G sparked, he had an energy about him that I found refreshing, at least in small doses. I found myself wondering what he would be like to fuck. Jay was measured and powerful, he liked to take his time and be very thorough, filling me, giving me as much as I could take. I imagined G would be urgent, frantic even, with quick fingers and sharp thrusts. He was athletic, and in my mind’s eye saw him twisting and contorting into impossible positions, reaching impossible places.

I realised they were both looking at me expectantly. I flushed instantly, shifting in my seat and avoiding their eyes.

“Drink?” Prompted G, finding my embarrassment amusing.

“Coke, please” I mumbled, and he slipped out of the booth and headed to the bar.

Jay put his lips close to my ear and murmured.

“You want him, don’t you? I can tell. Nobody knows your body like I do. I know when my girl is turned on.” His fingers delved under my skirt again, slipping between my thighs. 

“Have you been fantasising about fucking him?” The hitch in my breathing gave me away.

“You have, you dirty little girl. Is that what made your cunt so wet?”

He dragged his fingers along the slick skin of my pussy before putting them into his mouth, tasting me. G started to return, three full glasses carefully held between his hands.

“Remember your birthday,” Jay whispered into my ear just as G arrived back in the booth.

My mind was racing as I accepted the drink, taking a long pull on the straw to cover my discombobulation. My birthday, two months prior, had revealed my fantasy of a threesome. Not with another woman, as we had talked about before, but to be fucked by two men at once. To be shared by Jay, offered to another man, to be so thoroughly used. To feel four rough hands on me, to feel two cocks filling me. 

I loved Jay. I loved giving him pleasure, but there was nothing like the feeling of him taking it, of him shedding everything else except the need to just…fuck. It was what I did for him, in a world where he had concerns heaped on his shoulders, I helped him let it all fall away and take what he needed. When he let himself stop thinking about everything else for a moment. That feeling of being utilised had become something I craved, and what had started as a selfless desire had become a selfish one. I was his, to be used any way he wanted, and I wanted to demonstrate that. The thought that might include sharing me with one of his oldest friends sent a thrill through me.

I squirmed in my seat, pussy throbbing as a dozen scenarios filled my mind. Getting on my knees as soon as the hotel room door was closed, and having two hard cocks in front of me. I wondered if I would have the dexterity and coordination to pump one with my hand while I sucked the other. In my mind I straddled Jay, my back to him, his hands so tight on my hips as he pulled me down onto him, thrusting relentlessly while I leaned forward to have my mouth fucked by G. I would be helpless, held fast by two men taking their pleasure in me.

In another world, G finished telling an anecdote and I managed an appropriate laugh. It all felt faded and murky compared to the vibrancy of my fantasies, where Jay had me on all fours, legs slightly apart as he pushed his fingers slowly in and out of me, teasing me to the point my limbs started shaking. 

I shuddered, and in the real world Jay pulled me closer, tucking me next to him. I leaned into his warmth and tried to collect myself a little bit, but as the conversation flowed back to people I didn’t know in places I hadn’t been, my thoughts flowed back to the hotel bed where I was on my back, head off the bed and sucking G’s dick while he squeezed my breasts, massaging whole handfuls and then tweaking my nipples to elicit a groan deep in my throat. Jay was kneeling on the bed with my thighs wrapped around him, his cock deep in my pussy, his big hands holding mine down at my sides. With each thrust he pushed me forwards, and so pushed G further into my mouth. I was being bounced between them, deliciously filled and moaning like a porn star.

I wanted it.

I wriggled closer to Jay, slipping my hand across the fabric of his trousers to rest on his crotch. His cock started to lengthen as soon as I made contact, and in a few moments he was rock hard. My hand moved steadily up and down, giving a gentle squeeze every now and then. Jay, always in control, didn’t pause even for a second and continued asking G a question. The answer never came, and when I glanced up I saw G staring at where my arm disappeared under the table, the movement making it perfectly obvious what I was doing. After a few more moments where no one spoke, with G apparently captivated watching me stroke his friend’s cock, Jay turned towards me and broke the silence.

“So, Elle, what do you reckon? Should I let G fuck you tonight?”
Well, dear readers? Did our heroine take that plunge? Would it live up to her fantasies, or even surpass them? Find out next week on…… nah, just kidding. I’m done.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Molly · Jan 15, 2017

    No, no, no….. you can’t leave me here all alone wondering….. Did they, did she, was it….argh

    Write more fiction lovely girl.



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